Thursday, September 9, 2010

Child found walking ghetto streets Alone at midnight.

Police found a baby walking the streets 1 mile from home at 11pm at night, the mother was arrested. Why arrest the mother? Anyway here is the story from the channel 12 website

MILWAUKEE -- A 20-year-old Milwaukee mother was arrested Tuesday morning after police found her child wandering the streets alone Monday night.

Officers picked up the little girl near 27th and Burleigh streets at about 11 p.m.

A number of police officers regularly patrol the area. They found the little girl walking around all by herself.

After the girl's picture was aired on television Tuesday morning, the Milwaukee Police Department received calls identifying the child.

"I felt bad for the baby. I mean, what parent wouldn't feel bad for a baby roaming the street," neighbor Keisha Thomas said.

Thomas didn't see the little girl Monday night, but said she remembers seeing the child at a corner store before.

My take on this.

Why arrest the mother? She faces up to 9 months in jail for what? She said in the interview that she hasn't had the child in her care for weeks, why not arrest the baby-sitter. that is exactly why I hate Milwaukee's news services, they always find a way to make any story involving black folks worse. The child's mother is probably a bad mother, that goes without saying but what did she have to do with the fact that her baby was walking the ghetto streets at midnight when the child was under the supervision of someone else for the last few weeks? Shouldn't they be talking to the person who was actually supposed to be watching the child?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is your child an Online Racist? Online gaming hi-tech racism.

Is your child an Online Racist? Online gaming in America.

I have been online gaming for about 15 years and racism became a part of it the minute that communcation in-game was made a reality. Online gaming is my Golf, just like many others who play golf it is a means for relaxation, camaraderie and networking for me. I play and have become very good at the small number of games that I play regularly, I love the time I spend online "fragging" my friends. Give me a couple free hours and odds are I will be playing some first person shooter game or other linked over the Internet with a few of my clan members. Online gaming, currency trading and bicycling are my hobbies.

(A clan is a group of buddies who all wear the same prefix in front of their online Moniker, I am Husla3x so online my in-game name would be displayed as (HOOD)Husla3x. Funny how a "Clan" seems to partner with racism, even in innocent situations...?)

You have for the most part been able to communicate through text and in the last 10 years voice, with other gamers while playing online. The incredible popularity of gaming consoles over the last 10 years has given us instant voice chat through bluetooth headsets, wireless microphones and other forms of new media attached to online gamin. This has made internet gaming, through, xbox and playstation the latest form of social intervention. I told my wife in 1995 that gaming would become a new community, and it has, with all the pros and cons.

Pros: A great time, high technology and fun interwoven to allow you to connect with friends over the world wide web and play cards, games and communicate.

Cons: Unsavory characters also have access to the fun and strive to make your online "hobby" a less gratifying experience.

If you were to take 15 minutes and listen in on your child playing online you would be shocked and appalled (hopefully) by the racial terms thrown around like no harm no foul. The phenomenon is in no way a new trend, it has been going on since I have been online gaming, all 15 years. What is more surprising is that the racism trend in online gaming is rising, steadily and in great spurts. If you or your child ame online, they have heard racial remarks at a surprising frequency. I over-heard my own kid explaining to a friend exactly what a "Jigaboo" was. They had overheard a guy calling another player that. He said the guy even asked the other guy, and this is an exact quote, "Do you know how many of you ***gers my great grandfather owned and killed?"

Never-mind the fact that my child knew what a Jigaboo was (hurt my heart) I did not even know what it was, I had an Idea but not enough of an idea to explain or give a definition to another person. He explained that he looked it up on Google and found a website with a complete list of racial slurs, thank you website owner, You should not be proud of yourself. I can't speak for every parent but I never thought that allowing my child to play video games would subject him to a racist environment.

And for the record, the kids tossing the disgusting words around are only mimicking friends and what goes on in their little circle of family and friends.

This article is just another reason why a good parent should be vigilant on monitoring all of your childs online activities. Whether they are online on a computer, phone, gaming system, PSP or any other internet device that allows them to communicate in an anonymous fashion on an come one come all forum. Gaming is surely the Number 1 most racist arena in America.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Find out what anyone does on your computer, passwords too.

There is now software that allows you to see What anyone is doing or has done on your computer - whether it's sneaking and using secret email accounts or chatting with unknown friends or secretly dating or cheating or even your looking at your private records and files while you are not looking you'll know. PC Pandora records actions and processes every single minute of every single day to keep you safe and informed.

PC Pandora allows you to record computer activity and know about secret email accounts, chat partners, dating site memberships, anything really.

If you have kids it is hard to impossible to know what your children are doing on the computer all of the time. With online predators trying to trick your kids online you must get this software now. PC Pandora will monitor computer activity and allow you full access to key logging, instant message chats, password retrieval for myspace and and all the other password protected website people who use your computer. Find out if there is a potential problem before it's too late and you get burned.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Man uses Craigslist type ad (kiiji) to lure child molestation victims.

Daryl Koluk was a 40-year-old registered sex offender when he posted a classified Internet ad last summer looking for someone in need of extra cash to clean his east Hamilton apartment.

The Kijiji ad attracted a 12-year-old boy, who brought two friends along to help get the job done. Koluk arranged to pick up the children at a Tim Hortons outlet and drive them back to his place on Grandville Avenue.

After they finished cleaning on that first occasion, he asked if any of the boys would like to earn additional money by lying down on his bed. One agreed and Koluk proceeded to perform oral sex on him, while the other boys watched from behind a partly closed door. The young volunteer received an additional $40.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Online child Predator Statistics.

The internet is a dangerous place. Parents are not doing their absolute best to keep their children safe. We are starting to become numb to the dangers that the internet poses to children. We should remember that no matter how huge and common place the Internet becomes...

1. The internet is not television. The internet is a transceiver not a receiver and can create far more problems and introduce much more dangers than a one way medium can.

2. The internet took away the brown paper bags for the porno industry. There are things on the internet that can change your childs outlook on things they are not old enough to understand. First impressions are very, very important.

Take a look at these statistics...

93% of parents say they have established rules for their child’s Internet activity.

while only 37% of students report being given no rules from their parents on using the Internet.**

One in five U.S. teenagers who regularly log on to the Internet say they have received an unwanted sexual solicitation via the Web. Solicitations were defined as requests to engage in sexual activities or sexual talk, or to give personal sexual information.

25% of children have been exposed to unwanted pornographic material online

Only 1/3 of households with Internet access are actively protecting their children with filtering or blocking software.

Internet offenders pretended to be teenagers in only 5 percent of the crimes studied by researchers. This means that most of the time the teenager knew the person was suspect or older.

The majority of teenagers
(58%) don't think posting photos or other personal info on social networking sites is dangerous.

58% of students admit to using the Internet unsafely, inappropriately, or illegally.

23% of high-school students (grades 9 through 12) have met face to face with someone they first met online.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

1 out of 5 children were solicited for sex on the Internet.

Online child predators are becoming more brazen.

1. An estimated 725,000 people have been aggressively pursued for sexual reasons on the internet.

2. 1 out of 4 kids were sent unsolicited photos of people who were naked or having sex.

3. 1 out of 5 children were solicited for sex on the Internet.

4. 50 percent of people have made phone calls with someone they chatted with online.

Predators are using the internet to trap, trick and eventually meet your child. This blog is my attempt to help parents avoid these pitfalls.

Find out everything your kid does online, including passwords and websites.

National Alert Registry Where do the sex offenders in your neighborhood live?
Find out what your kids do online, even passwords.

Monday, March 23, 2009

New tool allows hackers to steal passwords via vibrations.

A security specialist and "hardware hacker" named Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco, respectively, have demonstrated an $80 device they've cobbled together than can read which letters are being typed by measuring the vibration of a laptop. The system uses a laser beam and photo diode to shine and read the reflections of light trained on the laptop. They found that each key on the keyboard creates a unique vibration signature. The device works from up to 100 feet away. I want one. SOURCE

National Alert Registry Where do the sex offenders in your neighborhood live?
Find out what your kids do online, even passwords.